Under guidance from our parent company, Südzucker Group, we supply sugar through our group manufacturing divisions in France, Belgium and Germany. We manage the sales, logistics and customer services elements of bulk and bagged sugar for the UK and Ireland via our sales office in Livingston, Scotland, and via external field sales management.spoon on sugar 300x

Sugar Specialities

Through our group manufacturing sites in the UK, Belgium and Holland, we provide a comprehensive range of products for the food and drink industry, including fondants, speciality icing, invert and sugar syrups, jam, mincemeats, caramels, jellies and mallows.

As with sugar, day-to-day sales are managed through our sales team in Livingston, Scotland, with support from our specialist external technical sales and product development teams.

Through countrywide partnership agreements with our UK and Irish wholesalers, we are also able to offer the benefits of the Flemings sugar speciality product range to smaller end users.